Build Your Own Custom Badge

September 5, 2011 is pleased to announce that you can now view and order custom badges.  Just visit our website and click on the Visual Badge link and you will be able to view several 100 badge styles and add your own lettering to see what the badge will look like.  As a preferred distributor for Smith & Warren, we offer excellent service and quality badges.  Therefore, view our selection and request a quote and see how easy it is the get the badge that you want.

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Security Guards and Security Officers

October 27, 2008

Security guards, also called security officers, patrol and inspect property to protect against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and illegal activity. These workers protect their employer’s investment, enforce laws on the property, and deter criminal activity and other problems. They use radio and telephone communications to call for assistance from police, fire, or emergency medical services as the situation dictates.

Although all security guards and security officers perform many of the same duties, their specific tasks depend on whether they work in a “static” security position or on a mobile patrol. Security Guards or security officers assigned to static security positions usually stay at one location for a specified length of time. These guards must become closely acquainted with the property and people associated with their station and must often monitor alarms and closed-circuit TV cameras. In contrast, security guards or security officers assigned to mobile patrol drive or walk from one location to another and conduct security checks within an assigned geographical zone. They may detain or arrest criminal violators, answer service calls concerning criminal activity or problems, and issue traffic violation warnings.

As a result of the varied typed of duties that Security Guards and Security Officers may perform, Security Guards and Security Officers must be outfitted with a broad array of police equipment and gear just as other law enforcement personnel.  This gear ranges from badges, batons, flashlights, duty gloves, handcuffs, pepper spray to inspection mirrors and hand held scanners.

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Concealed Weapons Permit Badge

September 7, 2008
Concealed Weapons Permit Badge

Concealed Weapons Permit Badge

If you carry a concealed weapon, you must have a Concealed Weapons Permit badge.  While it takes time to read the permit, this premiun Concealed Weapons Permit badge quickly identifies you.  It is a beautifully crafted 3-inch badge with a sturdy pin & safety clasp attachment and non-interchangeable liberty and justice center seal.

Add a recessed leather badge case and you can carry your ID/permit and your badge together for quick identification.  Our cases can be recessed to fit your badge.  We also have a complete line of belts clips and wallets that can also be cut to fit your badge style.

Therefore, if you have a permit to carry a concealed weapon and are interested in obtaining new concealed weapons permit badge or you are just looking for wallet, belts, duty gear or other police equipment, then please contact us at We carry a complete line of  police badges, fire badge, security badges, ems badges and othe specialty badges.  We understand how excited you are about your badge and gear and we would be happy to assist you.

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Fugitive Recovery

September 1, 2008

Welcome back Dog! In case you have not seen the new episodes, Dog is back on and better than ever. I know that the true die hard fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter have been patiently waiting for his return. The new episode promise to be more drama than every before. If you need to find out more about the upcoming episodes visit for up to the minute information.

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Police ID Lanyard

July 16, 2008 announces the arrival of Deluxe woven lanyards to hold your ID. It has a detachable swivel hook so you can snap off your ID to use at access control stations. In additional, it has a breakaway feature if pulled on so that you will not choke. 

They come imprinted for either POLICE, SHERIFF, SECURITY, SPECIAL AGENT, FIRE and EMS.

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Police Equipment

July 16, 2008

If there is a profession that does not get the respect that it deserves, it is, in my opinion, police officers. Unforutnately we usually hear only about the problems caused by some officers, but that is in every profession. I believe that work that the rest of the police officers often goes without public recognition.  Fortunately, the police department have a long tradition of recognizing the work that is done but these good officers.  As a result, I believe that police officers should be given the very best police equipment on the market. has some of the best equipment on the market. You can order some of the finest police equipment there including police badges, fire badges, security badges, wallets and cases, batons, flashlights and much more. I know there are other sites out there that claim to be the best but has the best prices I have seen and the people are extremely helpful and friendly.  So if you’re an police officer or just interested in the gear, check out  You will not be disappointed.

Citation Bars

July 16, 2008

Law enforcement adopted the use of citation bars as recognition of service and personnel accomplishments from the United States military. The United States military awards and decorations are called military decorations which recognize service and personnel accomplishments while a member of the United States armed forces. Together with military badges, such awards are a means to outwardly display the highlights of a service member’s career. Each of the five military services maintains a separate series of badges and decorations and each have a set of regulations as to how and where they are to be worn on their uniform and at what times they should be worn.

Initially, a military decoration was comprised of a medal and a ribbon. The first awards were comprised of a ribbon that would be worn around the neck. Later, the back of the ribbon came equipped with a metal fastener very similar to a safety pin that would be pinned to the uniform. The medal portion was a gold plated piece of metal that was molded to a specific design with a ribbon attached to the top that could be pinned to a uniform.

Later the military began using colored ribbons that would symbolize the medal. The citation ribbon was cloth material either in a solid color or multiple colors to differentiate the type of award that was being displayed and represented the medal that was awarded. They were and are presently made out of a fabric material and attached to a metal bar for support. These ribbon citation bars were smaller than the original medals and could be worn on uniforms to outwardly display a service member’s accomplishments. These ribbon citation bars could then be worn horizontally and one could have many rows of different bars to represent the service member’s many accomplishments.

Today, law enforcement personnel follow this same concept of wearing several ribbon citation bars which are more manageable for everyday wear. Some departments still wear the commendations over the right breast, very much like the military. Other departments wear all of the awards on the left breast, in a leather citation bar holder.  The leather citation bar holder could also hold a badge and nameplate on the bottom, and the all the awards could be worn above the badge. The highest award would be placed at the top of the holder and lesser citations would be below it, in order of importance.



Fire Department Badges

May 15, 2008

For many reasons, most people associate badges mainly with police or government law enforcement officers. However, there are many other public service individuals that wear badges. Those individuals are your local fire and EMS personnel. Although fire department personnel are more known for wearing badges than EMS or Emergency Medical Service personnel, in some cases they are even more proud to wear a badge. This may be because in some areas of the country the local fire department personnel volunteer are unpaid volunteers and are really proud of the badge that they wear. In fact, they are more eager to wear a badge that promotes their department and what they do

If you are one of these fire department personnel and are interested in obtaining new fire badges or you are just looking for a manufacturer that is as interested in your badge, please contact us at We carry a complete line of police badges, security badges, ems badges and especially fire badges and we are just as excited as you are about your badge and would be happy to assist you with your fire badges.

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How a Custom Police Badge is Made

April 3, 2008

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Duty Belts

March 8, 2008

A police duty belt is a leather or nylon belt designed for police or security officers to carry a wide assortment of equipment in a readily-accessible manner. Most duty belts have a width of 2-1/4 inches. The leather belt is considered to be more traditional and professional in appearance. In contrast, a nylon duty belt is generally less expensive, lighter, and easier to maintain. The most common color for duty belts in service with law enforcement personnel and security officers is black. However, in some instances brown leather can be used in place of black to match the color of the officer’s uniform. While there are many manufactures of duty belts, we carry a selection of belts manufactured by HWC Police Equipment Company.

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